An internship with Action for Humanitarian Initiatives Uganda provides dedicated students the opportunity to get involved in practical learning activities that enables them acquire relevant experience in their areas of professionalism. For the graduate students, we seek individuals with Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor degrees and Masters in relevant professionalism and interested to acquire filed practicum experience for career development.

Working at AFHI

AFHI’s mission is an ambitious one: To support vulnerable communities achieve a healthier and better socio-economic status and to remain united to inspire others by addressing the many challenges faced by humanity.

How do we achieve such a huge undertaking?

Joining our workforce

When you join AFHI, you are lending your time and skills toward achieving a healthier and better socio-economic status while in turn helping others meet the challenges facing communities. You will join a workplace of outstanding, innovative thinking and continuous learning for all employees.

Internship Application Guidelines

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